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The Comics Agenda 118: Talking with Heather Antos

Episode Summary

The Comics Agenda 118: Talking with Heather Antos. This week Greg and Michael get the change to sit down with Heather Antos of Valiant comics, to talk about her career, Gwenpool, comics, and her love of penguins.

Episode Notes

The Comics Agenda 118: Talking with Heather Antos

Greg and Michael get a chance to sit down with Valiant Comics editor Heather Antos. We cover how she got her start in comics, her love of Gwenpool, and how the character came to be. We cover what a day in the life of a comicbook editor is like, and how what she thought was just a lunch turn into her reading 300 comics in the month of December. Of course any talk about comics is incomplete unless you talk about actual comics, as we cover comics that have had an impact on her life, what she is reading now, and what creators we should be on the look out for. Give the interview a listen and as a bonus you may even find out why Heather loves penguins.

After the interview Michael and Greg cover a few comics from this weeks new releases.

Heather Antos can be found at @HeatherAntos on Twitter, and at for the latest news on convention appearances.

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