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The Comics Agenda 114: A Brave New World

Episode Summary

The Comics Agenda 114: A Brave New World This week we have giant Spiders, Cold War era Super-Soldiers, Alien Cocoons, and a Mutant Utopia. It really is a brave new world

Episode Notes

The Comics Agenda 114: A Brave New World

We have news about DC layoffs and guesses as to what that means to the company. We discuss the merits of the petition to have DC cancel Second Coming before it comes out. Then we wrap up the news with some DC movie news focused on The Batman and The Suicide Squad.

We jump into New Comics this week with the return of Ice Cream Man #9, Talk Aliens invasions with Peter Cannon Thunderbolt #1. Ask what it would be like to be immortal in Wyrd #1. Discuss strange love in the DC universe with Mystery of Love in Space #1 and then finish up in the Marvel universe with some spooky tales from Journey into Unknown Worlds #1. Finally we travel to the Mutant Utopia that X-Man has created in Age of X-Man Alpha.

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