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The Comics Agenda: A Strange Strange World

Episode Summary

The Comics Agenda: A Strange Strange World This week we talk about the Coronavirus and its impact of the pop culture world. Then its all about some strange new comics.

Episode Notes


You can not turn on the news today without hearing something about the Coronavirus. It has even infiltrated the pop culture world as several companies and creators have pulled out of the upcoming Emerald City Comic Con. In addition Universal Studios has pushed back the opening of the upcoming new James Bond movie. Is it all hype? Would we go or stay home from the convention if we had tickets? Give us a listen 

Beer News

Michael brings us news of the newest way to brew beer. We will just leave it at that. 


This week we talk about the big city on the hill with Join the Future #1. Then we go on a strange journey in King of Knowhere #1. We wrap up with two strange stories with Strange Adventures #1 and Strange Academy #1

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