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The Comics Agenda: Birds of a Feather

Episode Summary

This week Michael and Greg talk about the renaming of Birds of Prey, a new publisher that has a Bad Idea, the lowly Oscar ratings, and of course comics

Episode Notes

We start the show out talking about the renaming of the Birds of Prey movie after it's dismal showing in the theater this past week. Will the renaming make a difference? Will positive ratings help the movie grow its audience this coming week? Tune in next week for our official review.

After some friendly banter we talk about the new publisher, Bad Idea. They have an impressive lineup of creators, but will some of the other quirks hurt the company?

Finally we wrap up talking about the Oscars ratings. What can be done to fix the downward spiral? Do people like getting lectured by rich entitled people?

Weird Gamer News
Michael brings us news about the army wanting to use gamers brain waves to train robots. This is how SKYNET starts people. 

This week we have a wide variety of comics including Tartarus #1 from Image comics, Alienated from Boom! Studios. 

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