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The Comics Agenda: How To Survive A Pandemic

Episode Summary

The Comics Agenda: How To Survive A Pandemic This week we talk about some Marvel comic news, the return of Bevis and Butthead, the X-Men and Avengers anniversaries, and of course comics.

Episode Notes

A Galaxy far far away....We talk about news of more Mandalorian stories. The works will include Books, and comics, and will be written for a variety of age groups. 

Reboots are all the rage lately. We talk the reboot of Bevis and Butthead, A Vanilla Ice concert in Texas, and the return of Unsolved Mysteries on Netflix. 

With the anniversary of the release of X-Men #1 and Avengers #1 we talk about some of our favorite characters. 

How To Save A Life 
Michael brings us a story about a study that has been done that shows people who are fans of pandemic movies have fared better during this pandemic. We talk about what movies we think would help prepare people for the pandemic and for life after. 

This week we take a look at a bunch of Image comics. We talk Nailbiter Returns, All-American Comix, and God Damned Virgin Brides. 

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