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The Comics Agenda: I Know What You Did In College

Episode Summary

The Comics Agenda: I Know What You Did In College. This week we talk more about the streaming wars, some comicbook news, and of course comics

Episode Notes

We start out with some comic book news as we discuss the recent controversy with Dynamite Comics. 

Then it is on to streaming news. We talk about the new 616 show coming to Disney +, the download numbers for Peacock, and  where to stream Jurassic Park movies,  then we make our guesses on what movies will make it to theaters and what gets moved to VOD. 

I Love College
Michael brings us a story about a meatball ruining someones exam. We discuss the validity of the story, and what strange things we had happen while we were in college. 

This week we start our discussion with Vlad Dracul from Scout Comics. After that we head over to IDW to discuss the one shot of the latest Canto story. Then we talk about Bliss, before wrapping up with the second installment of Empyre

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