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The Comics Agenda: King of the Self-Quarantine!

Episode Summary

The Comics Agenda: King of the Self-Quarantine! This week we talk about Disney+ news, Review Bloodshot, and talk about the social media sensation Netflix's Tiger King!

Episode Notes


It seems as if Disney is planning on reviving or rebooting a ton of old franchises as Disney+ originals. We talk about the good, the bad and the ugly of those projects. 

Along with that Bob Iger said in a interview that more movies could be released straight to Disney+ if social distancing continues through the summer. We talk about what movie we want to see. Here is a hint, it rhymes with New Mutants. 

Howl at the Moon News

Michael brings us a story that started in Canada and has started to grown throughout North America. Seems people are going out at night to howl at the moon to let out their frustrations. And now people are answering. We tell you what we think about the idea, and what we would yell into the sky"


We bring Insha Fitzptrick on to talk about the viral sensation, Tiger King. The Netflix original documentary has filled social media with memes, and debates about if Carol Baskins killed her husband keeps our minds off the dread of the regular news cycle. We talk about all the theories, shocking moments, and if any of these people have redeemable qualities. 

Then Michael and Greg take a few minutes of their time to talk about Bloodshot. And we do mean a few minutes.   

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