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The Comics Agenda: Let's Watch Death Note

Episode Summary

The Comics Agenda: Let's Watch Death Note Michael and Greg continue to travel down memory lane and watch Death Note.

Episode Notes

We start the show out talking about AMC Theaters stating that once they reopen they will refuse to screen any Universal movie. We will also discuss Universals response and who is right and wrong. 

Next we talk about Seth Rogan and his film involving a man falling into a pickle barrel for 100 years and a new comedy set to debut on Hulu from the producers of Robot Chicken 

Tom Hanks American Treasure 
Michael brings us a story about Tom Hanks reaching out to a young fan who has been made fun of for being called Corona. If that was not enough Hanks announced he and his wife would be donating plasma for research. How much better can you get?

Death Note 
For out main event this week Michael convinces Greg to watch his first Anime. We discuss the classic Death Note, which can currently be found by American audiences on Netflix. What did Greg think? Was it as good as Michael remembered? Will this be the end of the Comics Agenda? Only one way to find out. Listen to the episode of course. 

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