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The Comics Agenda: Stop the Presses!

Episode Summary

The Comics Agenda: Stop The Presses! We talk about Diamond no longer taking comics in to be distributed, watch Netflix with friends online, Trolls upsetting movie theater owners, and of course comics.

Episode Notes


In what is sure to be a huge blow to comicbook shops that can stay open Diamond Comic Distributors announced they will be shutting down in April and not distributing any more comics until more is known about the spread of Covid-19. 

A new extension for Google Chrome allows people to sync their Netflix viewing in order to be able to watch shows and movies together.

And finally Trolls 2 and Universal Studios has upset the movie theater mob by forgoing the traditional movie release schedule and will instead release Trolls World Tour in theaters and digitally at the same time.

Weird News

Looking for a new house in these changing times? Maybe you are asking yourself if you can see yourself being locked away in the house for days, weeks or months on end. That is the face of house hunting for some people now and we discuss what makes a good selling point for a home. 


We have comics to talk about. At least for another week. 

We start with the newest comic from Dynamite, Killing Red Sonja. Then we immediately jump over to the craziest 80's mashup with Transformers vs The Terminator. XO Manowar from Valiant comics looks as what happens when the strongest hero might not always be the best hero for the job. Then we wrap up with the newest comic from Marvels X-Men line, Hellions #1. 

Comics Agenda is hosted by Michael (Twitter@mokepf7) and Greg (Twitter@Comicsportsgeek). We discuss new comicboook releases each week, in addition to news, movies, and tv.

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