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The Comics Agenda: Teenage Mutant Killer Loggerhead Turtles

Episode Summary

The Comics Agenda: Teenage Mutant Killer Loggerhead Turtles This week its the return of The Far Side, Stan Lee's legacy, horror movies in a pandemic, Walmart Drive-Ins, and of course comics

Episode Notes

After we talk about our forth of July events we jump right into the news with word of the return of The Far Side. We discuss why Gary Larson left cartooning, what brought him back, and which of the three new cartoons he put up are our favorites. 

This week it was announced that POW! entertainment had sold the likeness, voice, signature and several other parts of Stan Lee's legacy to a entertainment company that plans on creating a Stan Lee universe. We discuss the possible down side of this announcement and what they might be able to do instead. 

In movie news we talk about the lawsuit between several theater companies and the state of New Jersey over potential openings. We then shift over to discussing the movie Host which will be debuting later this year on Shudder. 

Speaking of subscription services, we talk about the significant jump in subscribers for Disney+ because of the release of Hamilton, and the decline of DC Universe with the announcement of Season Two of Stargirl moving to the CW. 

This week we return the James Tynion's hit Something Is Killing the Children with issue number eight. We discuss what some of the changes in this issue mean and where it leads some of our characters. 

We head over to Image and discuss the second issue of Adventureman as Claire figures out the address in the book is an actual address that she can visit. But not everything is as it seems and before long Claire has to find her way past some killer robots to get home. 

Scout comics takes us into the swamps of Louisiana where legend of a murderous loggerhead turtle fills the air. But is his only goal murder or is he trying to protect his land and his people. 

Finally we meet up with the Fantastic Four in Empyre Fantastic Four 0. This issue is meant to help us prepare for the upcoming event, but we also get a interesting look at the team dynamic of Marvel's first family here 

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