The Comics Agenda

The Comics Agenda: The All Pandemic Episode

Episode Summary

The Comics Agenda: The All Pandemic Episode. We talk about the Coronavirus having even more of an impact on the world this week, discuss alternatives to shaking hands, and of course comics.

Episode Notes


As the Corona Virus makes its way across the world, it has been recommended that law makers us the Vulcan peace hand signal. Our question is what pop culture greeting would you embrace? 

Then we move onto the Nintendo Playstation that just sold for 360,000. We discuss what pop culture memorabilia we would want if money was not a factor. 


This week we talk about four comics. We start with Sweet Heart #1  from Action Lab/Danger Zone comics.  Then move into Stealth #1 from Image Comics. We wrap up talking about Hickman's latest indie comic Decorum #1, before wrapping up with Star Wars: Bounty Hunters #1. 

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