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The Comics Agenda: The Old New Mutants

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The Comics Agenda: The Old New Mutants This week we talk about The New Mutants first trailer, again. We talk about how long you can keep a McDonald's hamburger in your pocket, and of course comics

Episode Notes


We get the first trailer of the new version of New Mutants this week. Michael and Greg talk about the movie 2 years in the making and what we thought of the first trailer. 

Fast Food News

Michael brings us a story about a Utah man who has been holding onto a  old McDonald's hamburger for quite sometime. Do not worry he does not have some weird collection, it was for science. But in that time no mold has grown on the food. 

The latest in the Hill House line is Daphne Bryne. Michael and Greg discuss the book and if it lives up to the standards of the other books that are in the imprint. 

Next we talk about Batman #68 which debuts a new creative team this week. Does the new team do better or worse than Tom King. And what happens when Deathstroke comes to town?

The Clock leads us to a countdown of the end of the human race. What needs to be done to stop it? And aer there some people who do not want it stopped?

Finally we jump back a couple of weeks to Hawkeye: Freefall. Clint finds out just how bad the legal system is in the Marvel Universe. But he and his friends have more important things to deal with as someone has taken up the mantel of Ronin. 

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