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The Comics Agenda: The Return of Marvel

Episode Summary

The Comics Agenda: The Return of Marvel This week we talk about the worst movies we have ever seen plus the return of Marvel comics with Doctor Aphra #1 and Avengers #33

Episode Notes


The Scoob! movie may have just launched the Hanna Barbara universe. We talk about what classic characters we would like to see get their own movie. 

We next turn the discussion into the worst movies we have ever seen, and if there are any that we have ever walked out of, 


Michael brings us a story about a couple of kids in Bolivia who decided to test their luck by poking a Black Widow spider. These kids were not just doing it to act tough, they wanted the power of Spider-Man. How did it turn out? We discuss it

Avengers #33
Its a new arc as Moon Knight takes on the Avengers. Why is he stealing the powers of some of the Avengers and what is his endgame? We don't have all the answers but we will give our opinions anyway.

Doctor Aphra #1
The Doctor is back! But what are her intentions and where are the murder droids?

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