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The Comics Agenda: Trailerpalooza

Episode Summary

The Comics Agenda: Trailerpalooza We have three trailers, a sword fight, and the comics this week.

Episode Notes

We have three trailers to talk about this week. We gives our thoughts and the first trailer for Morbius. Then we follow up with the newest trailers from Birds of Prey and Black Widow. What are we looking forward to and what might we skip? 

Sword Fight!
Michael brings us the story of a man who has asked a judge to allow him to challenge his ex-wife and her lawyer to a ninja sword fight to settle there differences. There is a ton to the story, but the real question is if we should bring back dueling as a way to solve disputes 


We have three books this week, starting with...
Rising Sun  #1 throws us right into the action as a team of Ninjas work together to try and defeat a pesky dragon. But the real questions start once the first battle comes to a end. Is the clan worth following? Greg and Michael have thoughts.

Next up we travel to the moon in ROM Dire Wraiths #1. It is the 1960's, the height of the Cold War and the space race. But what secrets are out in space and who might astronauts encounter on the moon? It is the prequel story you did not know you needed. 

Tony Stark is a run-a-way AI, and the real Tony Stark is dead. So who is in the Iron Man armor? And how are Tony Stark's parents alive? Oh and whop gets all of Stark Enterprise's toys? The questions start to get answered in  Iron Man 2020 #1

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