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The Comics Agenda: Unplanned Staycations

Episode Summary

The Comics Agenda: Unplanned Staycations This week Michael and Greg are joined by Josh Rose to talk about the most PC comic announcement ever, Social Distancing, and of course Comics

Episode Notes


Playstation 5

The specs for the Playstation 5 was released this week and we are here to talk about it. Will we be getting it when it comes out? What specs are we excited about? Do we game? 

New New Warriors

This week the next Marvel event starts with Outlawed. And what are we getting out of it? Well only the most PC comicbook announcement ever!. The New Warriors are back but instead of mainstays like Firestar returning to save the day, readers will be greeted by the likes of B-Negative, Snowflake, Safespace and more. 

Coronavirus and Comics 

It can not be avoided so we jump into some of the changes that are coming down the pipe because of this Global Pandemic. Things like curbside deliveries, returnable products, and at home new movie releases. What works? What does not work? What other changes do we want to see?

Big Brother Germany 

Is ignorance bliss? What if you were stuck in a house on reality tv and had no idea a global pandemic was going on? Would you want to know? We discuss.


Four comics this week on the agenda. We talk Wicked Things #1 from Boom! Studios Boom Box imprint, Starship Down from Darkhorse comics, and Spider-Woman #1 from Marvel. We wrap up the show talking about the next Marvel event Outlawed #1 

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