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The Comics Agenda: Wake Me Up Before You Didio Go

Episode Summary

This week we talk about big shake ups at both DC Comics, and Disney, what the price of your car might mean about you, and of course comics

Episode Notes


We start out talking about the changes at the top of both DC Comics and Disney. While both had people leave, the circumstances could not be more different. What does this mean for both companies? Do not work Greg and Michael have the answers. 

This week it was also announced that the next set of Star Wars projects will all focus around The High Republic. Set 200 years before the prequels movies the projects will consist of novels, graphic novels, and comics. What is the feeling behind this? We let you know

Car News?

What does your car say about you? Well if research is correct the more expensive the car the better chance that you are a jerk. 


This week we cover Tomorrow #1, Finger Guns #1, Amethyst #1, and finally Falcon & Winter Soldier #1 

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