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The Comics Agenda: We Have A Heart!

Episode Summary

The Comics Agenda: We Have A Heart This week we talk about what shows should be added to Disney+, why Gotham should have a death penalty, and of course comics.

Episode Notes

We start out this week by talking about Disney+ and what shows they should add. In addition we find out that Gotham does not have a death penalty, but should they?

Pop News
Michael brings us a story about an ordinary citizen who also serves as a superhero in his hometown. But is it a good idea?

In Heartbeat #1  we meet Eva who has a terrible secret. But should she run to or away from this secret? 

Next we meet Elon, a latchkey kid who is a bit of a geek and a loner. So when his favorite superhero comes crashing into his life, Elon must do the unthinkable and help Olympia save the world. Spoiler thoughts on Olympia #1? The best book we read this week!

Have you ever wanted to read a low rent take on the X-Men? Well you are in luck as we talk about Heart Attack  #1  this week.

Finally we wrap up with everyones favorite Merc with a Mouth, Deadpool #1. Kelly Thompson takes over writing duties as Deapool becomes the King of the Monsters. What could go wrong?

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