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The Comics Agenda: Welcome to the Terrordo..err FanDome

Episode Summary

The Comics Agenda: Welcome to the Terrordo..err FanDome We talk DC FanDome, A childhood game turned gameshow, OJ's Bronco, and of course comics

Episode Notes

Unfortunately we start the show with some disappointing news, This week once again two veteran comicbook creators have been accused of inappropriate relations with female creators within the industry. Michael and Greg talk about the importance of taking these accusations seriously and discuss how it can be stopped. 

Netflix is taking the childhood game The Floor is Lava and turn it into a television series. We discuss if we will watch it and what other childhood games can become reality TV. 

DC has announce a 24 hour event called FanDome in which fans will get announcements, panels and more, all online. We discuss if Pauly Shore should host the event and if we are excited for it. 

The Bronco will ride again. 

Ford announced that they will be making an announcement about the new Ford Bronco. Unfortunately that announcement was scheduled for OJ Simpsons birthday. 

We had five books this week including the latest Crow book with The Crow Lethe. We revisit The Ludocrats with the second issue, before taking a pirate adventure with Man Among Ye. We wrap everything up with Wynd #1 before we go full metal with Dark Nights Death Metal #1 

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